Learn to remember better with Flash Maps

Flash Maps is a learning app that lets you learn new things or remember relevant information in a smart way.


Putting your focus in the right place

With Flash Maps, we combine the use of flashcards and the method of loci and journey mapping. These two methods will help you create a journey that stimulates the learning process through image association.

  • Clean Design

    Its clean and straightforward interface lets you navigate and access what you need smoothly.

  • User-friendly Interface

    User experience is important to us, so we make sure that Flash Maps is easy to use.

  • Flash Cards

    Create flashcards on categories and subcategories you want to learn, which you can also store and sort so that you can use those later. You can also add photos here.

  • Method of Loci and Journey Mapping

    The app uses the method of loci to let you focus on visualizing mental images on a particular subject and associate those with a location, which can then be generated to a "Journey."


Other available features for your convenience

Easy To Customize

Customize the way you want it and how you need it. This app is designed to let you choose what works best for you.

Fast & Secure

With Flash Maps, you are sure that you can use its features quickly and safely. Your information is stored securely.

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Notification Management

Flash Maps notifies you about matters related to the account and the app.

Data Security

You only have access to all your important data. Flash Maps is designed to keep your data protected.


Your personal study and accelerated learning app

Flash Maps' user interface is simple, clean, and easy to navigate.


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